About me

Helping you and your company grow towards the best outcome possible, that’s my passion. That way, you experience more success, wealth and freedom. It’s my life’s mission, and that’s why I constantly seek to educate myself. That’s the commitment I make to coach my clients at the highest level. That’s why here, you’ll find more about me and my ‘why’: why I do the things I do, my educational background, my experience and my life’s story. Get inspired!

I am an internationally certified business coach (ICF) and accredited enneagram practitioner. On top of that, I have taken a lot of courses throughout my life and still continue to do so to this day. This serves to stay up to date regarding my expertise: combining communication, mindset and leadership. Want to find out more about the courses I took and who my teachers were?

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Education, however, means nothing if you just stick to theory. I am a firm believer in ‘walk your talk’. I can’t teach anyone who doesn’t want to be taught. What I can do is be an example. By not only talking, but also doing.

I have been building up experience from my childhood until now. I’ve been on stage for as long as I can remember. As a child, I traveled through Europe singing, reciting, acting in theaters and studying music (organ and piano). When I wasn’t working for school, I devoured books. After my university studies in Germanic languages, I taught communications at the University of Wuhan in China. After arriving back home with a freshly won Best Professor Of The Year award, I wanted to gain experience on a larger and more visible stage.

And that’s how I ended up working in television. For 12 years, I made television programs for the Belgian national TV-channels VRT, VTM and SBS. Initially as a researcher and editor, later as editor-in-chief. Doing this, I learned the ropes of storytelling, interviewing techniques and coaching people in the media.

After I gained all this experience, it was time for me to take the next step. In 2012, I started my own business as a communications coach who specializes in media training, speech -and presentation training and debate/interview techniques. This business went well, but my clients made me realize that I wanted more. I realized that while I was happy with the communications side of the business, I lacked a key component: the psychology of the people behind this communication. Understanding this would help me to coach my clients on a deeper level. That’s when I decided to educate myself further, resulting in me eventually becoming an internationally qualified executive business coach.

At the same time, my interest in how communication and mindset can be combined to achieve even more powerful leadership kept growing. And that’s where I am today. Every single day, I learn even more about communication, mindset and leadership. It is my dream to be a lever for my ‘lever people’ because if I can train someone to become a great leader, that very same person can inspire others towards great leadership. Every single time this happens, the world becomes a more amazing place.

That is why you are very welcome to start this journey with me.

In service of your dreams, 


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