Amazing location

It’s a place at the heart of nature. Completely remote, surrounded by miles of fields and forests. That’s where I host you and allow you to find peace and to find your true nature.

At the same time, it’s a majestic place that unites the grandeur of the past, present and future. That’s where you discover your very own grandeur. We’ve always learned to take a modest stance, and that’s a lovely characteristic towards the outside world. If you stay modest towards yourself, however, you limit yourself. It’s equally as important to acknowledge your skills, who you are and how you can serve the world by stepping up as an impactful leader. This place guides you in that. Furthermore, it’s a place where belief has taken up a central role throughout the centuries. It’s belief in yourself that’s paramount to yourself as a leader, just as well as belief in the future and belief in the force that people want to grow and want to believe in you and in themselves.

Why is the place where I coach and train so important?

When I worked with Belgian media personalities and took them abroad for tv-show filming, I noticed that not being recognized was a relief to them. They could take a stroll through the streets without anyone approaching them. They found peace. The exact moment we boarded the plane back home and the first passenger approached them, I saw on their faces that the peace they found was fading, as if they had to wear a mask once again.

We all wear masks in a certain way, on certain moments and around certain people. The more we realize this, the more consciously we can decide to drop these masks and show ourselves for who we really are. No longer ‘great’ but more vulnerably great, what I call ‘truly great’. In order to do this, you need a place with full confidentiality where there’s no image to uphold, but where you can discover how your image and the leadership you carry out are connected to who you really are. In the everyday rush, I notice that it’s difficult to take a moment to reflect on yourself and your wishes and dreams, what you truly want and who you are at your core. And yet, it’s exactly that which drives us the most. That’s why I think it’s important to create a space that guides you in your process of great leadership.

When we as humans are prepared to step up as leaders, it starts from within. Speaking about leadership doesn’t make you a leader. You become a leader by growing internally and exuding this externally. It’s about making the invisible visible and growing exponentially because of it. Standing still for a bit to speed ahead with your growth afterwards. This place seems to have stood still for centuries, but at the same time, it embraces the most innovative techniques and therefore embraces the future.

That is why I think you deserve my space.

In service of your dreams,


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